LEAPers Otten, Zabel Co-Sponsoring Mental Health Legislation in PA House

I’m happy to report that Danielle Friel Otten and Mike Zabel, both endorsed members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, have signed on to Rep. Mary Isaacson’s HB 378.

This legislation, which has been referred to the Judiciary Committee, would amend a section of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes pertaining to firearms by including persons who have been ordered to undergo mental health treatments among those who are barred from possessing, selling, buying, or transferring guns. It also prohibits them from obtaining a firearm license.

The Judiciary Committee, which includes Rep. Zabel and LEAPer Melissa Shusterman, is controlled by Republicans, who hold a 15-10 advantage on the panel. No upcoming meetings have been scheduled at this time.

So far in the filing period, Zabel, Otten, Shusterman and Isaacson all have perfect A+ grades for their sponsorship of legislation.