Local Coverage: Arizona committee advances bill allowing guns on school property

From Mark Phillips, ABC 15:

A bill allowing loaded guns to come on school campuses is making its way through the Arizona Legislature. On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, by a vote of 4-3, sent the measure to the Senate for final passage.

House Bill 2693 changes the wording of existing law to allow for loaded guns on school grounds, provided they remain locked in a vehicle and out of view. Under the current law, gun owners must unload their weapon before driving onto school property.

From Howard FIsher, Capitol Media Services:

Judith Simons, a retired teacher, had a different take.

“One of the reasons I retired when I did was increasing fear of gun violence at school,” she said.

Simons also said that the legislation, as worded, does not limit the ability to bring a loaded gun onto campus to situations where a parent is simply dropping off a child. She said it covers things like conferences, disciplinary hearings and after-school events.

HB 2693 now goes to the full Senate, where a final vote could send the legislation to Gov. Doug Ducey. LEAP Forward is scoring opposition to this bill.