Nevada legislation would do away with permits for concealed carry

Yesterday, a new bill related to concealed carry was read in the Nevada Assembly and referred to the Judiciary Committee.

Assembly Bill 437 is sponsored by the three lowest-graded members of the Nevada legislature, John Ellison (0% vote index, -7 total score), Jim Wheeler (0%, -7) and Robin Titus (0%, -8). Current Nevada law requires a person who is carrying a concealed firearm to hold a permit. This bill does away with that requirement, instituting what is usually referred to by gun advocates as “constitutional carry.”

The Nevada Assembly has a decent record this year when voting on firearms, passing the only graded bill the body has taken a vote on 28-12. Twenty eight of the 29 Democrats in the Assembly have positive scores from LEAP Forward for their work this year, while all 12 Republicans are scored negatively.

LEAP Forward will be grading AB 437 and scoring opposition.