Two new graded bills introduced in North Carolina

North Carolina House Democrats, led by LEAPer Christy Clark and Pricey Harrison, have introduced two new gun regulation bills to the General Assembly

The first is HB 454, a risk protection order bill that would allow citizens and law enforcement to get an order to restrict a subject’s access to firearms if they’re deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others. As with most legislation related to these orders, opposition will certainly revolve around the specifics of the process, but in general terms, 89% of Americans support laws that allow for the removal of guns from people that pose a risk for violent behavior, and North Carolina does not currently have a risk protection order law on the books.

The second bill is HB 456, related to assault weapons. While not a ban, the legislation would require a permit for the purchase of an assault weapon or a long gun, which the legislation takes care to define in specific terms. This is something pro-gun groups like to insist on as a way of proving that gun regulation advocates don’t know what terms like “assault weapon” mean. In this case, the legislation is clear as to exactly what the legal definition for these guns will be.

Both of these bills will be graded by LEAP Forward, with positive scores given for support.