Three Republican bills get added to LEAP Forward's list of graded legislation in North Carolina

North Carolina Republicans have introduced three bills in the state General Assembly pertaining to firearms that LEAP Forward will be tracking and grading action on.

The first bill is yet another “constitutional carry” law that the gun lobby has been pushing in state houses across the country this year. ❌ HB 498 amends the state statute prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons to exclude firearms from that definition, and enacts new language establishing that any US citizen over the age of 18 can carry a concealed weapon in North Carolina. Interestingly, the bill does prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms on the grounds of the state legislature.

LEAP Forward is also scoring opposition to ❌ HB 499, a fairly long omnibus bill that contains provisions that: exempts handguns from the list of weapons that cannot be carried concealed except on a person’s own premises; carves out fifteen separate exemptions from statutes that prohibit firearms on government properties; allow campus police officers to carry concealed weapons; allows legislators and their employees to carry concealed weapons in the legislative building; and provides for armed “school faculty guardians.”

A third GOP-introduced bill is being scored with preliminary support. ✔ HB 508 requires the state Department of Health and Human Services to embark on a two year statewide campaign to educate people on the importance of the safe storage of firearms.