Louisiana: New graded legislation related to domestic violence, preemption

LEAP Forward has added two new bills from the Louisiana House of Representatives to the list of graded legislation in the state.

First, it is scoring opposition to ❌ HB 281, a bill regarding local control over firearms regulations. Currently in Louisiana, a political subdivision’s authority to enact such regulations is limited. One exemption that does exist, however, is the ability of that subdivision to prohibit guns in some commercial establishments and public buildings.

This one exemption is the target of HB 281, which would remove that language and prohibit the enacting of any regulation more restrictive than state law when it comes to the possession of firearms in those places.

Meanwhile, ✔ HB 279 is aimed at strengthening the law regarding the possession of weapons by prohibited persons. It requires (rather than merely authorizes) criminal penalties for transferring a firearm to someone prohibited from having it, and extends those restrictions to anyone convicted of misdemeanor or felony domestic abuse, battery, or battery of a dating partner.

Both bills have been assigned to the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice.