New York Democrat introduce legislation regulating 3D printing of guns, requiring insurance

Democratic state Sen. Kevin Parker (100% vote index, +58 total score from LEAP Forward) has introduced two new pieces of firearms-related legislation to the New York Senate. Parker and his colleagues in the majority have already passed major gun safety legislation this session. Parker’s new bills would address two specific areas of firearm regulation.

The first bill, ✔S 4886, deals with the three-dimensional printing of firearms. It makes sure any firearm manufactured in such a manner be inscribed with an identification number registered with the state police, making that firearm traceable back to its manufacturer. It also restricts the three dimensional manufacturing of firearms to licensed gunsmiths and ensures those gunsmiths maintain detailed records relating to what they are creating. S 4886 has been referred to the Consumer Protection Committee.

The Insurance Committee will be hearing Parker’s ✔ S 4868, legislation that would require the owner of a firearm to get liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars within 30 days of passage.