Newly introduced legislation would greatly expand areas for legal concealed carry in Arkansas

Yesterday, a bill was filed in the Arkansas Senate by the lawmaker who has earned the second lowest score in the state’s legislature.

Republican Trent Garner (0% vote index, -15 overall score) introduced ❌ SB 660, which is named as a bill “to modernize the concealed handgun licensing framework,” but at first reading, represents a significant loosening of law regarding where a person can carry a concealed firearm in the state.

It amends the Arkansas code to clarify that:

  • concealed carry licensees are allowed to possess and store a handgun in a college or university dorm or residence hall

  • members of state boards and commissions may concealed carry in a publicly owned building during the course of a board or commission meeting

  • concealed carry holders may bring a concealed firearm into a bar, so long as they are not in “the portion of the establishment where alcoholic beverages are dispensed.”

LEAP Forward has added SB 660 to the list of graded legislation in Arkansas, and will be scoring opposition to this bill.