Hawaii Legislative Update: 3/6/19

Scored Votes

✔ SB 600 - Relating to Firearms passed the full Senate 21-3 (Ayes 21 Ds, 0 Rs; Nays 2 Ds, 1 R).

This bill brings the law involving individuals bringing firearms into the state of Hawaii into line with laws requiring persons already living in the state to be 21 years of age or older to apply for a permit for firearm ownership. The legislation now goes to the state House.

22 of the 25 members of the Hawaii Senate maintain A+ grades following the vote.

New Graded Legislation

✔ SCR 42 - Urging The United States Congress To Propose And Adopt A Proposed Amendment To The United States Constitution Pursuant To Article V Of The United States Constitution To Clarify The Constitutional Right To Bear Arms.