Kentucky Legislative Update: 3/6/19

Scored Votes

HB 328 - An Act Relating to Firearms on School Property passed the full House 91-2-5 (Yeas 55 Rs, 36 Ds; Nays 2 Rs, 0 Ds)

This bill clarifies that the legal ability of an adult to possess a firearm on school property does not extend to adults who are students.

SB 150 - An Act Relating to Carrying Concealed Weapons passed the full House 60-37 and has been sent to the governor for signing.

Amendment 3 failed 30-58. The amendment would have required background checks and training for concealed carriers.

Amendment 4 failed 31-53. The amendment would have inserted language related to domestic violence restraining orders

Amendment 7 failed 34-51. The amendment would have limited concealed carry to persons who have documentation of training.

Amendment 19 failed 33-54. The amendment would have limited a person carrying a concealed firearm to a single cartridge of ammunition

Following these votes, there remain 35 members of the Kentucky House with A+ grades.