New York Legislative Update: 3/6/19

Graded Votes

✔ S 2450 - Amends provisions relating to requirements for the safe storage of rifles, shotguns and firearms; requires sellers to provide notice of the duty to use gun locking devices and otherwise lock guns away from children and other persons not authorized to possess them passed the full Senate 37-22-4 and passed the Assembly 89-50-7.

All five LEAP Forward endorsed members of the state Senate - Alessandra Biaggi, James Gaughran, Andrew Gounardes, Robert Jackson, and Anna Kaplan voted for the bill and all maintained perfect A+ grades.

LEAPer Matylde Frontus voted for the bill in the Assembly and also has an A+.

The bill now goes back to the Senate.

Sponsors Added

A 1697 - Requires that no applications, or the literature given therewith, shall be approved, distributed or used in any capacity if they contain an explicit written warning regarding ownership or use of a firearm added Robert Smullen (R)

❌ A 1701 - Provides that a license to possess a pistol or revolver shall permit the licensee to carry such weapon concealed added Jake Ashby (R), Chris Friend (R), John Salka (R), Robert Smullen (R)