Connecticut Legislative Update: 3/7/19

New Graded Legislation

✔ HB 6314 - An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention And Children's Safety was introduced by Steve Meskers (D) and referred to the Joint Committee on Judiciary.

The bill would require all firearms, loaded or not, to be stored properly, and would increase the age of a child considered a “minor” when it come to firearms storage provisions from 16 to 18.

Sponsors Added

❌ HB 5227 - To prohibit the regulation of firearms by municipalities added Anne Dauphinais (R), Gale Mastrofancesco (R), and Robert Sampson (R)

❌ HB 5302 - To allow persons who hold a firearms permit to carry such firearms in state parks added Anne Dauphinais (R) and RIck Hayes (R)

❌ HB 5797 - To authorize hunters to use firearms fitted with sound suppressors added Anne Dauphinais (R) and Craig FIshbein (R)

❌ HB 6338 - An Act Allowing Off-duty Police Officers To Carry Firearms Used In The Performance Of Official Duties On School Grounds added Anne Dauphinais (R)

❌ SB 173 - An Act Limiting Orders Related To Firearms And Ammunition During A Civil Preparedness Emergency added Anne Dauphinais (R) and Craig Fishbein (R)

✔ SB 655 - An Act Prohibiting Ghost Guns added Josh Elliott (D)

Upcoming Committee Hearings