Hawaii Legislative Update: 3/7/19

Scored Votes

SB 621 - Relating To Firearms passed the full Senate 23-1

The bill requires a person to report the person's lost, stolen, or destroyed firearms to the appropriate county police department.

The House has received the bill.

✔ SB 1466 - Relating To Gun Violence Protective Orders passed the full Senate 24-2.

This bill establishes a process by which law enforcement or a family or household member may obtain a court order to prevent a person from accessing firearms and ammunition when a person poses a danger to themselves or others.

The House has received the bill.

Committee Referrals

✔ HB 720 - Related to Firearms has been referred to the Senate Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs Committee and to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The prognosis for this bill in committee is excellent, as four of the five members of both committees have perfect A+ grades so far this legislative session,

The bill, which has already passed the state House, would require firearm owners to report lost, stolen, or destroyed firearms.