Maryland: Jared Solomon's "No Funding for Firearms Act" passes House

Scored Votes

✔ HB 367 - Public Safety - Education - Firearm Funding passed the House Appropriations Committee 15-7 and passed the full House 95-44.

LEAP Forward endorsed candidate Jared Solomon sponsored this legislation and voted for it in committee and on final passage. He was joined in voting Yea by fellow LEAPers Heather Bagnall, Jon Cardin, Mary Lehman, Julie Palakovich Carr, and Vaughn Stewart.

This bill prohibits a local school board or public school from using funds from any source to directly or indirectly provide a teacher with a firearm or train a teacher in the use of a firearm.

This bill has additionally passed the full House, but the roll call vote is not yet available on the Maryland Legislature’s website. I’ll update the report card once that is posted.