Washington: House and Senate each pass regulatory legislation

Scored Votes

HB 1225 - Establishing policies and requirements regarding law enforcement response to domestic violence incidents to enhance the safety of domestic violence victims, families, and officers passed the full House 58-38. Two Republicans joined Democrats in voting for this legislation. No Democrats defected to vote against it.

This bill requires law enforcement to remove firearms and ammunition when responding to a domestic violence call if probable cause exists that a crime was committed.

The bill is now in the Senate and has been assigned to the Law and Justice Committee. Democrats have a 4-3 advantage on the committee, and all 4 Democratic members have A+ grades for their sponsorship of graded legislation. This committee also passed a graded ERPO law (see below) by a 4-3 vote.

SB 5027 - Concerning extreme risk protection orders passed the full Senate 43-5. 14 of the Senate’s 20 Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic bloc to pass the bill.

The legislation authorizes a court to enter an extreme risk protection order against a person under 18, and allows that party to petition to seal the court records of that proceeding from view.