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Florida: More Calls For Safer Schools, Not Well-Armed Teachers In The US

With the increase in school shootings throughout the United States over the last several years and the growing movement of students and parents standing up against gun violence, politicians are trying to catch up. On Wednesday 8 May, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed a controversial Senate Bill just a day after a Colorado STEM school shooting left eight people injured and one dead. This bill is one of the first pieces of state legislation trying to counteract the public’s fears of active shooters in schools. Earlier that week, activists delivered papers to the capital with 13,000 signatures of people urging DeSantis to veto the bill.

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Should guns be seized from those who pose threats? More states saying yes to red flag laws

If someone is suicidal or an imminent threat to others, should a local judge be able to temporarily take away that person's guns?

Colorado is the 16th state to say "yes," while another 21 have taken at least some steps toward adopting a so-called red flag law.

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