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Florida's Concealed Carry Permitting System is a Mess

Jim Turner of the News Service of Florida reported on the results of an audit of Florida’s Concealed Carry permitting, currently being conducted by the Department of Agriculture:

In the audit released Wednesday, [state Auditor General Sherrill] Norman noted that managers in the division responsible for issuing the licenses indicated their process was to verbally reprimand a contracted employee who had been the subject of a “management report” and to terminate the contracted employee for a second offense.

But that wasn’t the agency’s practice, according to the report.

In some cases, it took more than two months for the contracted employees to be fired, the auditors found.

“Our examination of the 15 selected management reports found that 3 contracted employees appeared on management reports flagging issues with the processing of 9 approved concealed weapon license applications,” the report states. “The reported issues included, for example, a contracted employee’s failure to review the applicant’s State and National criminal history information.”

Sen. Lauren Book (D) has filed legislation that would take the permitting process out of the Department of Agriculture and reassign it to the Department of Law Enforcement. The bill, SB 108, has been added to LEAP Forward’s database and I will be grading action in support of this legislation.

Backflipping Substitute Teacher Drops Gun on Florida Playground

From Josh Rojas, Bay News 9:

The mother of an Anona Elementary School student in Largo said her daughter was just a few feet away from a substitute teacher when a loaded gun fell out of his waistband onto the playground on Tuesday. 

“He was teaching us how to do a flip and when he demonstrated it all you see is a gun pop out of his pocket,” Imogen [Ference, 8] said. “He said, ‘shhh, don’t tell anyone’ and then he dropped down on the ground and picked it back up and put it back in his pants.”

This isn’t even the first time someone doing a backflip has lost a gun this year, but unlike that occasion, fortunately nobody was hurt this time. This news comes on the same day the city of Pittsburgh bucked a recent trend by voting not to allow armed officers in schools.