Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, Idaho, Washington

2/27/19 Morning Digest: 11 New Bills

As things get more and more hectic in state legislatures, I’m hoping this daily digest will help everyone keep up with the bills I’m tracking behind the scenes that may not necessarily get an individual mention in the blog.

New Graded Legislation


Iowa HF 523: This bill would amend existing law to specify that a person convicted of a forceable felony or a felony involving a firearm will not have the ability to carry a gun restored to them as part of the restoration of their rights upon completion of sentence.

Maine LD 1033: Makes failure to securely store a firearm a crime.

Massachusetts H 2091: Requires a firearm safety course include at least 5 hours of live discharge of firearms, including at least 50 rounds of ammunition.

Ohio SB 62: Bans trigger cranks, bump stocks, or any other accessory designed to accelerate the rate of fire of a firearm, and makes a violation a fourth degree felony.

Ohio SB 63: To require that firearms transfers be made through a licensed dealer or law enforcement agency and require a background check on all firearm transfers.

Ohio SB 64: Raises the minimum age for purchasing firearms and increases the penalty for furnishing firearms to an underage person.

Ohio SB 65: To regulate the transfer of firearms at gun shows.


Idaho H 203: This bill would repeal restrictions on concealed carry in schools by persons with a concealed carry permit. A person with a permit would not need permission to carry on school property, and bars disciplinary action against school personnel who carry weapons.

Idaho H 206: Amends Iowa law to lower the age limit for concealed carry inside of city limits to 18 years old.

Massachussetts H 2050: Allows for the free, lifetime licensing and permitting of firearms.

Washington SB 5977: Allows public school districts to authorize employees to possess firearms on school grounds.