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Ohio: Local experts weigh in on bill that would eliminate concealed carry licensing

CLEVELAND — After eight hearings over two months, an Ohio House committee passed a bill that will eliminate the licensing and training requirements of carrying a concealed weapon. Several organizations that represent law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys have come out in opposition to the measure, arguing the deregulation could prove dangerous for police and the public.

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Ohio’s Constitutional Carry Bill Put on Hold

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A vote was expected on Wednesday on House Bill 178 (HB 178), the state’s Constitutional Carry bill. It had its seventh hearing in the House Federalism Committee that included multiple amendments, five proponent testimonies and 25 opponents. The committee was forced to recess so members could attend session, and reconvened afterwards. Then Speaker Larry Householder pushed the pause button.

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Gun safety advocates push for Ohio ballot measure: Capitol Letter

Check point: While the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature in recent years has loosened gun-control laws, an activist group wants to force them to consider mandatory background checks. As cleveland.com’s Jeremy Pelzer reports, the group Ohioans For Gun Safety on Monday got the ball rolling on a citizen-initiated statute to close a statutory “loophole” that allows firearm sales at gun shows without a background check. If the drive is successful, lawmakers would have four months to pass the measure or it could be put before Ohio voters.

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Beacon Journal/Ohio.com editorial board: Ohio House Democrats strike a balance between gun rights and public safety

Democrats in the Ohio House are all but certain to encounter the same obstacle that faced John Kasich — Republican legislative majorities will little interest in even modest steps aimed at curbing gun violence. Yet it is important that Democrats press the case. In doing so, they remind Ohioans, as the former governor did, that it is possible to strike a sensible balance between individual gun rights and the priority of public safety.

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