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KEY BILL - Ohio HB 228 - Stand Your Ground

Ohio HB 228

by Rep. Terry Johnson (R) and Rep. Sarah LaTourette (R) with Reps. Kirk Schuring (R), Dorothy Pelanda (R), THomas Patton (R), Niraj Antani (R), John Becker (R), Andrew Brenner (R), Rick Carfagna (R), Bill Dean (R), Mike Duffey (R), Timothy Ginter (R), Doug Green (R), Michael Henne (R), Brian Hill (R), Ron Hood (R), Larry Householder (R), Matt Huffman (R), Candice Keller (R), Kyle Koehler (R), Scott Lipps (R), Derek Merrin (R), Craig Riedel (R), Kristina Roegner (R), Mark Romanchuk (R), Timothy Schaffer (R), Marilyn Slaby (R), Ryan Smith (R), Robert Sprague (R), Dick Stein (R), Andy THompson (R), Nino Vitale (R), Scott Wiggam (R), Wes Retherford (R), James Butler (R), Keith Faber (R), Theresa Gavarone (R), Christina Hagan (R), James Hoops (R), Darrell Kick (R), Riordan McClain (R), RIck Perales (R), William Seitz (R), Shane Wilkin (R), Ron Young (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

To amend sections 9.68, 307.932, 2307.601, 2901.05, 2901.09, 2923.11, 2923.12, 2923.126, 2923.16, 2923.18, 2923.20, 2953.37, 5321.01, and 5321.13 and to repeal section 2923.1212 of the Revised Code to modify the state preemption of local firearm regulations and related remedies; to assign to the prosecution the burden of disproving a self-defense or related claim; to expand the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat before using force under both civil and criminal law; to limit the use of the affirmative defense of self-defense, defense of another, or defense of a person's residence under both civil and criminal law; to modify the Concealed Handgun Licensing Law regarding the carrying of additional identification and a licensee's duty to keep the licensee's hands in plain sight; to modify penalties for illegally carrying a concealed firearm or improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle; to expand the offense and penalties for unlawful transactions in weapons; to repeal the required posting of warning signs regarding the possession of weapons on specified premises; to provide an affirmative defense to improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle for handguns in the vehicle without the defendant's knowledge; to generally bar any subsidized residential premises lease from requiring a tenant to agree to a restriction on a lawful firearm, a firearm component, or ammunition within the tenant's rental dwelling unit; and to exclude certain firearms from the definitions of sawed-off firearm and dangerous ordnance.

Committee Vote 5/23/18

Passed 7-3

House Vote 11/14/18

Passed 65-32

Senate Committee - 12/6/18

Passed 7-3

Senate Vote - 12/6/18

Passed 19-10

House Passage - 12/6/18

Passed 59-22