Missouri HB 210 - Firearm Transfers

No person shall sell or otherwise transfer a firearm, including through online interactions, unless:

(1) Such person is a licensed dealer;
(2) The purchaser or transferee is a licensed dealer; or
(3) The sale or transfer satisfies the requirements of subsection 2 or 3 of this section

If neither party to a firearms transaction is a licensed dealer, the parties may have a licensed dealer facilitate the sale or transfer. A licensedd ealer shall process the sale or other transfer as if the licensed dealer is the seller or transferor. The licensed dealer shall comply with all requirements of federal, state, and local law that would apply if he or she we re the seller or transferor of the firearm. The licensed dealer shall conduct a background check on the purchaser or transfe re e in accordance with 18 U.S.C. Section 922(t) and other state and local law and, if the transaction is not prohibited, deliver the firearm to the purchaser or transferee after all legal requirements are satisfied. The licensed dealer may require the purchaser or transferee to pay a fee up to but not to exceed twenty-five dollars for administrative costs incurred by the licensed dealer and pay other fees pursuant to federal, state, and local law