Indiana SB 88 - Guns in Places of Worship

Indiana SB 88

by Sens. Jack Sandlin (R) and Michael Young (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Houses of worship and firearms. Permits a person who may legally possess a firearm to possess a firearm on school property that also contains a house of worship, unless prohibited by the house of worship, if the person possesses the firearm while: (1) attending a worship service; (2) conducting business with the house of worship; (3) receiving pastoral services; (4) attending a program sponsored or permitted by the house of worship or the school; or (5) carrying out the person’s official duties at a house of worship, if the person is employed by or a volunteer at the house of worship and the house of worship has assigned the person duties that require the person to carry a firearm. Exempts certain law enforcement and retired law enforcement officers described in the federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) from the prohibition against carrying a firearm on school property