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Ohio HB 142 - Eliminate Need When Stopped to Notify Carrying Firearm

Ohio HB 142

by Reps. Scott Wiggam (R) and Glenn Holmes (D) with Reps. Scott Lipps (R), Darrell Kick (R), Derek Merrin (R), Ron Hood (R), Andy THompson (R), Candice Keller (R), Nino Vitale (R), Kristina Roegner (R), Thomas Brinkman (R), Kyle Koehler (R), John Becker (R), William Seitz (R), Bill Dean (R), Marlene Anielski (R), Niraj ANtani (R), Andrew BRenner (R), James Butler (R), Mike Duffey (R), Timothy Ginter (R), Doug Green (R), Dave Greenspan (R), Christina Hagan (R), Stephen Hambley (R), Michael Henner (R), Terry Johnson (R), Laura Lanese (R), George Lang (R), Thomas Patton (R), Wes Retherford (R), Craig Riedel (R), Mark Romanchuk (R), Timothy Schaffer (R), Kirk Schuring (R), Ryan Smith (R), RObert Sprague (R), Dick Stein (R), ROn Young (R), and Paul Zeltwanger (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Under Substitute HB 142, a concealed handgun licensee is only required to present the license or verbally notify a police officer once requested to present their driver’s license upon being stopped by an officer for a law enforcement purpose.  By clarifying this disclosure requirement, it gives motorists a clear set of steps to follow when stopped by law enforcement.  This substitute bill also lowers the penalty to a minor misdemeanor, eliminates the possibility of a suspended license or imprisonment, and reduces the fine not to exceed $25.

Committee Vote: 9/20/18

Passed 9-2

House Vote 10/24

Passed 65-29