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Virginia SB 1163 - Trigger Activators

Virginia SB 1163

by Sen. Richard Saslaw (D) with Sens. John Edwards (D). Barbara Favola (D), Janet Howell (D), Dave Marsden (D), Jeremy McPike (D), Scott Surovell (D)

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ยง 18.2-308.5:1. Manufacture, importation, sale, possession, transfer, or transportation of trigger activators designed to increase rate of fire of firearms prohibited; penalty.
A. It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, import, sell, offer for sale, possess, transfer, or transport in the Commonwealth a trigger activator, including a trigger crank or a bump-fire device, that is designed to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machine gun.
B. A violation of this section is punishable as a Class 6 felony