West Virginia HB 2519 - Campus Self-Defense Act

West Virginia HB 2519

by Del. Jim Butler (R) with Dels. Zachery Maynard (R), Scott Cadle (R), Geoff Foster (R), Caleb Hanna (R), Paul Espinosa (R), Joshua Higginbotham (R), Pat McGeehan (R), Eric Householder (R), Joseph Canestraro (R), Randal Swartzmiller (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

§18B-1-3. Transfer of powers, duties, property, obligations, etc.

(l) Nothing in this section provides the authority to restrict or regulate the carrying of a concealed deadly weapon by a person who holds a current license to carry a concealed deadly weapon except as expressly authorized in §18B-4-5b(b) of this code.