Indiana HB 1643 - Guns in Church; Fees

Firearms matters. Designates the following as voter registration offices: (1) Each office affiliated with the Indiana state police. (2) Each office affiliated with the sheriff of a county. (3) Each office affiliated with a municipal law enforcement agency. Specifies that each issuance of a hunting, fishing, or trapping license shall be accompanied by a mail in voter registration form. Permits a person who may legally possess a firearm to possess a firearm on school property, unless prohibited by the owner of a property where a house of worship is situated, if the person possesses the firearm: (1) as an employee or volunteer of a house of worship located on the school property; or (2) while attending a worship service or religious ceremony conducted at a house of worship. Increases the duration of a four year handgun
license to five years. Provides that an individual may simultaneously hold both a five year license and a lifetime license. Requires a law enforcement officer to whom an application for a handgun license is made to consult available local, state, and federal criminal history data banks, including the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), when determining whether possession of a firearm by
an applicant would be a violation of state or federal law. Removes the fees for lifetime licenses beginning July 1, 2020. Excludes certain nonexclusive uses of school property from the statutory definition of “school property”