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Pennsylvania HB 162 - Limit on Handgun Purchases

§ 6111.6. Limit on handgun purchases.

(a) Purchase of handgun.—No person may purchase more than one handgun in this Commonwealth within any 30-day period.
(b) Sale of handgun.—No person may sell or cause to be sold to a person in this Commonwealth more than one handgun within any 30-day period.
(c) Exceptions.—This section shall not apply to the
(1) A licensed firearm dealer.
(2) A licensed firearm collector.
(3) A law enforcement agency or an agency authorized to perform law enforcement duties.
(4) State and local correctional facilities.
(5) A private security company licensed to do business
within this Commonwealth.
(6) The purchase or sale of antique firearms.
(7) A person whose handgun is stolen or irretrievably
lost if:
(i) the person provides the seller with an official copy of the police report of the lost or stolen handgun,
or a summary of the report on a form provided by the Pennsylvania State Police;
(ii) the police report or summary contains the name and address of the handgun owner, the description of the handgun, the location of the loss or theft, the date of the loss or theft and the date the loss or theft was
reported to the law enforcement agency; (iii) the date of the loss or theft as reflected on the police report or summary occurred within 30 days of the person’s attempt to replace the handgun; and (iv) the seller attaches an official copy of the police report or summary of the report to the original sales receipt or other document evidencing the original sale and retains it for the period prescribed by regulation of the Pennsylvania State Police.