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Rhode Island H 5022 - Relating to Criminal Offenses - Weapons

Rhode Island H 5022

by Reps. Grace Diaz (D), Scott Slater (D), Carlos Tobon (D), Christopher Blazejewski (D), Shelby Maldonado (D)

LEAP Forward Position: Support

No person shall carry a rifle or shotgun in any vehicle or conveyance or on or about the person whether visible or concealed, except in the persons dwelling house or place of business or on land possessed by the person. Every person violating the provisions of this subsection shall, upon conviction, be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten (10) years, or by a fine up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or both, except on a first conviction under this section, the person shall not be eligible for a suspended or deferred sentence or probation. This subsection shall not apply to those persons engaged in lawful hunting activity as provided in chapter 13 of title 20, lawful target shooting within this state or otherwise exempt pursuant to § 28 11-47-9.