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Indiana HB 1149 - Safe Storage of Firearms

Chapter 1.5. Storage of Firearms
12 Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, “antique firearm” has the
13 meaning set forth in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(16).
14 Sec. 2. As used inthis chapter, “child” hasthe meaning set forth
15 in IC 35-47-10-3.
16 Sec. 3. As used in this chapter, “inoperable firearm” means a
17 firearm that is permanently unable to discharge or expel a
18 projectile by means of an explosion.The term does not include any
19 firearm that may be modified to discharge or expel a projectile by
20 means of an explosion.
21 Sec. 4. As used in this chapter, “loaded firearm” means a
22 firearm with one (1) or more of the following characteristics:
23 (1) A bullet, cartridge, projectile, or round in the breech,
24 chamber, or cylinder of the firearm.
25 (2) Ammunition in close proximity to the firearm so that a
26 person can readily insert the ammunition into the firearm.
27 (3) Ammunition that is:
28 (A) inserted or stored inside the:
29 (i) breech;
30 (ii) cylinder; or
31 (iii) fixed magazine;
32 of the firearm; or
33 (B) housed or stored inside a detachable magazine of the
34 firearm.
35 Sec. 5. As used in this chapter, “secures” means to prevent
36 access to a firearm. The term includes the following:
37 (1) Placing or storing the firearm in a locked container.
38 (2) Temporarily rendering the firearm inoperable by:
39 (A) use of a trigger lock, bore lock, cable lock, or
40 comparable device; or
41 (B) disassembling the firearm in a manner that prevents
42 the firearm from operating.
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