New York A 506 - Relates to the Safe Storage of Rifles, Shotguns, and Firearms

New York A 506

by Asms. Thomas Abinanti (D), Vivian Cook (D), Deborah Glick (D), Richard Gottfried (D) with Asms. Ellan Jaffee (D), Amy Paulin (D), Walter Mosley (D), Phillip Steck (D)

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Section 1. Section 265.45 of the penal law, as amended by section 3 of part FF of chapter 57 of the laws of 2013, is amended to read as follows:

§ 265.45 Safe storage of rifles, shotguns, and firearms. No person who owns or is custodian of a rifle, shotgun or firearm shall store or otherwise leave such rifle, shotgun or firearm out of his or her immediate possession or control without having first securely locked such rifle, shotgun or firearm in an appropriate safe storage depository or rendered it incapable of being fired by use of a gun locking device appropriate to that weapon. For purposes of this section “safe storage depository” shall mean a safe or other secure container which, when locked, is incapable of being opened without the key, combination or other unlocking mechanism and is capable of preventing an unauthorized person from obtaining access to and possession of the weapon contained therein.