New York S 775 - Gun Violence Task Force

§ 2. An eight member task force is hereby established to assess current data and information compiled by law enforcement personnel and health providers related to incidents of firearm violence and injury, and to recommend mechanisms by which an integrated, statewide data collection and tracking system may be established to assess the public health impact of such violence and injury.

§ 3. The task force shall be comprised of the commissioners of the department of health and the division of criminal justice services, who may designate representatives to act on their behalf. The commissioner of the department of health or the designee thereof, shall chair the task force. The governor shall appoint two members to the task force: one member shall be an epidemiologist experienced in the study of firearm injuries and one member shall be an expert in firearm ballistics. The temporary president of the senate and the speaker of the assembly shall each appoint one member to the task force who shall be a member of a state or local law enforcement agency. The minority leaders of the senate and assembly shall each appoint one member to the task force, who shall be a health care provider regularly engaged in the treatment of firearm injuries. Administrative duties of the task force shall be the responsibility of the department of health.