New Hampshire HB 687 - Extreme Risk Protection Orders

New Hampshire HB 687

by Rep. Debra Altschiller (D) with Reps. Bob Backus (D), Jeanne Dietsch (D), Manny Espitia (D), Donovan Fenton (D), Martha Hennessey (D), Jay Kahn (D), Jerry Knirk (D), Mary Mulligan (D), Tom Sherman (D), David Watters (D)

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Statement of Purpose. The general court finds that allowing family or household members or law enforcement officers to petition for a court order to temporarily restrict access to firearms by individuals who are found to pose an immediate risk to themselves or others would advance public safety. This act shall not apply in cases of domestic abuse or stalking where the petitioner is eligible to petition for relief under RSA 173-B or RSA 633:3-a.