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Iowa SF 165 - Permitless Carry

Iowa SF 165

by Sens. Waylon Brown (R), Jake Chapman (R), Jeff Edler (R), Randy Feenstra (R), Dennis Guth (R), Craig Johnson (R), Tim Kapucian (R), Tim Kraayenbrink (R), Jason Schultz (R), Mark Segebart (R), Tom Shipley (R), Roby Smith (R), Annette Sweeney (R), Zach Whiting (R), Brad Zaun (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Current law provides that any person who intends to purchase a pistol or revolver is required to first obtain an annual permit to acquire pistols or revolvers unless the person is otherwise exempt from obtaining such a permit.

It is the intent of the bill to satisfy federal requirements of 2418U.S.C.§922(t)(3) in order to acquire a pistol or revolver. The bill provides that as of July1, 2019, the state shall no longer issue a permit to acquire. In order to acquire a pistol or revolver from a federally licensed firearms dealer, a person is required to have a valid permit to carry weapons issued in accordance with Code chapter 724 or the person must complete a satisfactory national instant criminal background check pursuant to 18U.S.C.§922(t).

The bill provides that a valid permit to carry weapons or license issued by another state to any nonresident of this state does not satisfy the requirements to acquire a pistol or revolver in this state.