Alabama SB 255 - School Resource Officers

Alabama SB 255

Education, school resource officers

by Tim Melson (R)*


LEAP Forward Position:  Oppose

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Bill Summary

This bill would provide that if a local 18 board of education hires a retired law enforcement 19 officer to serve as school security personnel, the 20 board may authorize the retired law enforcement 21 officer to carry a firearm on duty if he or she 22 meets the following requirements: (1) is retired in 23 good standing from a federal, state, or local law 24 enforcement agency with at least 25 years of law 25 enforcement experience; (2) has successfully 26 completed active shooter training approved by the 27 Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency; (3) annually completes and passes the firearm requalification 2 required of law enforcement officers by the Alabama 3 Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission; 4 and (4) is trained in the appropriate use of a 5 non-lethal weapon and while on duty carries that 6 weapon.