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Florida H 6073 - Seizure of Firearms


Florida H 6073


by Mike Hill (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Explanation: Pending

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Repeals the following:

(d)1. A law enforcement officer taking custody of a person under this subsection may seize and hold a firearm or any ammunition the person possesses at the time of taking him or her into custody if the person poses a potential danger to himself or h erself or others and has made a credible threat of violence against another person.

2. If the law enforcement officer takes custody of the person at the person’s residence and the criteria in subparagraph 1. have been met, the law enforcement officer may seek the voluntary surrender of firearms or ammunition kept in the residence which have not already been seized under subparagraph 1. If such firearms or ammunition are not voluntarily surrendered, or if the person has other firearms or ammunition that we re not seized or voluntarily surrendered when he or she was taken into custody, a law enforcement officer may petition the appropriate court under s. 790.401 for a risk protection order against the person.

3. Firearms or ammunition seized or voluntarily surrendered under this paragraph must be made available for return no later than 24 hours after the person taken into custody can document that he or she is no longer subject to involuntary examination and has been released or discharged from any inpatient or involuntary outpatient treatment provided or

ordered under paragraph (g), unless a risk protection order entered under s. 790.401 directs the law enforcement agency to hold the firearms or ammunition for a longer period or the person is subject to a fi rearm purchase disability under s. 790.065(2), or a firearm possession and firearm ownership disability under s. 790.064. The process for the actual return of firearms or ammunition seized or voluntarily surrendered under this paragraph may not take longer than 7 days.

4. Law enforcement agencies must develop policies and procedures relating to the seizure, storage, and return of firearms or ammunition held under this paragraph.