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Florida S 722 - Arming First Responders


Florida S 722

Carrying of Firearms by Tactical Medical Professionals

by Ed Hooper (D)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Explanation: Pending

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CS/SB 722 expressly authorizes a “tactical medical professional” (TMP) who has a concealed
weapons and firearms license to carry firearms, weapons, and ammunition when he or she is
actively operating in direct support of a tactical law enforcement operation. For the authorization
to apply, the bill also requires the law enforcement agency head to have appointed the TMP, the
agency to have an established policy for these appointments, and the TMP to have completed
two types of firearm training, one of which must be provided by the agency.
In addition to this express authorization to carry firearms, weapons, and ammunition, the bill also
grants a TMP who is authorized to carry a firearm or other weapon during an operation the same
“immunities and privileges” as a law enforcement officer. However, a TMP may not make an
arrest. The immunities and privileges provision might authorize a TMP to carry a concealed or
unconcealed firearm or weapon whenever a law enforcement officer may, which is anytime the
officer is “carrying out official duties in this state.” Similarly, this provision might authorize a
TMP to carry a concealed firearm without a license while off duty, given that law enforcement
officers appear to have this authority.
The bill defines “tactical medical professional” as a paramedic, physician, or osteopathic
physician who is appointed to provide medical services directly to a tactical law enforcement
unit engaged in high-risk incidents, such as drug raids and hostage situations.