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Georgia SB 238 - Gun Shop Security Act


Georgia SB 238

Gun Shop Security Act

by Donzella James (D)

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Explanation: Pending


“16-11-174. When a dealer is not open for business, all inventory firearms in such dealer’s place of business shall be secured or stored using one of the following methods as to each particular firearm: (1) Secure the firearm with a hardened steel rod or cable of at least one-eighth inch in diameter through the trigger guard of such firearm. The steel rod or cable shall be secured with a hardened steel lock that has a shackle. The lock and shackle shall be protected or shielded from the use of a boltcutter and the rod or cable shall be anchored in a manner that prevents the removal of such firearm from the premises; or (2) Store the firearm in a locked fireproof safe or vault at the dealer’s place of business.”