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Indiana SB 127 - School Safety


Indiana SB 127

Referendum for School Safety Levy

by Travis Holdman (R), Todd Huston (R), Matt Lehman (R), Jim Merritt (R), Jim Tomes (R) with Vaneta Becker (R), Mike Bohacek (R), Lonnie Randolph Jr. (D), Victoria Spartz (R), Andy Zay (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Explanation: Pending

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Sec. 2. (a) The Indiana secured school fund is established to provide matching grants to enable school corporations and charter schools to establish programs under which a school corporation or charter school (or a coalition of schools) may:

(1) employ a school resource officer or enter into a contract or a memorandum of understanding with a: (A) local law enforcement agency; (B) private entity; or (C) nonprofit corporation; to employ a school resource officer; (2) conduct a threat assessment of the buildings within a school corporation or operated by a charter school; or (3) purchase equipment and technology to: (A) restrict access to school property; or (B) expedite notification of first responders. (b) A school corporation or charter school may use money received under a matching grant for a purpose listed in subsection (a) to provide a response to a threat in a manner that the school corporation or charter school sees fit, including firearms training or other self-defense training.

Third reading

Passed 42-7-1