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Iowa HF 636 - School Property; Places of Employment

LEAP Forward Position:  Oppose

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Iowa HF 636

A bill for an act relating to the carrying, possession, or transportation of weapons on school grounds, at places of employment, in buildings or physical structures located on property under the control of a political subdivision, and in county courthouses, and including effective date provisions

by Matt Windschitl (R)

Last Action: Introduced

6 Current law provides that a person who goes armed with,
7 carries, or transports a firearm of any kind, whether concealed
8 or not, on the grounds of a school (public or nonpublic)
9 commits the criminal offense of carrying firearms on school
10 grounds, except under certain circumstances. Carrying firearms
11 on school grounds in violation of Code section 724.4B is a
12 class ā€œDā€ felony. Under the bill, a person does not commit
13 the criminal offense of carrying firearms on school grounds
14 in violation of Code section 724.4B if the person possesses a
15 valid permit to carry weapons while remaining on the portion
16 of school district property that comprise the driveways,
17 parking lots, and sidewalks of a school while going armed with,
18 carrying, or transporting a concealed pistol or revolver. The
19 bill also provides that a school is immune from any claim,
20 cause of action, or lawsuit seeking damages alleged as a result
21 of a concealed pistol or revolver brought onto the school
22 district property by a person possessing a valid permit to
23 carry weapons who remains on the portion of the grounds that
24 comprise the driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks of the
25 school. The bill provides that this exception does not apply
26 to a school governed by the board of regents.