Maine LD 1407 - Firearm Forfeiture

Maine LD 1407

An Act To Revise and Recodify Certain Provisions of the Maine Criminal Code


LEAP Forward Position:  Support

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Bill Summary

1504. Forfeiture of firearms

1. Mandatory forfeiture. As part of every sentence imposed, except as provided in
subsection 2, a court shall order that a firearm must be forfeited to the State if: A. That firearm constitutes the basis for conviction under: 7 (1) Title 15, section 393; (2) Section 1105-A, subsection 1, paragraph C-1; (3) Section 1105-B, subsection 1, paragraph C; (4) Section 1105-C, subsection 1, paragraph C-1; (5) Section 1105-D, subsection 1, paragraph B-1; (6) Section 1105-E, subsection 1, paragraph B; or (7) Section 1118-A, subsection 1, paragraph B; B. The State pleads and proves that the firearm is used by the person or an accomplice during the commission of any murder or Class A, Class B or Class C crime or any Class D crime defined in chapter 9, 11 or 13; or C. The person, with the approval of the State, consents to the forfeiture of the firearm.