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Maine LD 1569 - Ghost Guns

LEAP Forward Position:  Support

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Bill Summary

This bill regulates the manufacture, distribution and possession of so-called ghost 37 guns and so-called 3-D printed guns or 3-D guns, which are fully functioning firearms 38 that can be made at home by unlicensed firearm manufacturers, sellers and distributors 39 either by purchasing the necessary parts separately, or as part of mail order gun kits, and 40 then assembling them at home or by downloading a computer code from the Internet that 41 allows the user to manufacture the gun using a 3-D printer. This bill provides definitions 42 of "undetectable firearm" and "untraceable firearm" and prohibits the manufacture, import, sale, transfer and possession of such firearms with certain exceptions. This bill 2 also prohibits, with certain exceptions, the dissemination of downloadable gun code from 3 which untraceable firearms can be manufactured.