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Montana HB 567 - Guns in Schools


Montana HB 567

Establish Montana school marshal program

by Derek Skees (R)

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

LEAP Forward will score opposition to any legislation that results in more guns being carried in schools. The problem with gun violence in educational facilities is the presence of weapons, not their absence.

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Section 1
School marshal program — qualifications — training requirements. (1) The board of trustees may appoint AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR OR a school district employee to be certified as a school marshal. The appointed employee must be a full-time employee of the district.

Section 3.
NEW SECTION. School marshal duties and responsibilities. (1) A school marshal may act only as necessary to prevent or stop the commission of an offense that threatens serious bodily injury or death of persons on public school property. (2) Pursuant to 45-8-361, with the consent of the trustees, a school marshal may possess, carry, and store a firearm on public school property. (3) The trustees shall adopt a policy describing the school marshal’s duties and responsibilities. The policy must: (a) provide procedures for how a school marshal may possess, carry, and store a firearm on public school property as authorized pursuant to 45-8-361 and subsection (2) of this section; (b) provide alternate procedures regarding the possession, carrying, and storage of a firearm by a school marshal based on the amount of time the school marshal has regular, direct contact with students;

(c) specify the types of firearms, ammunition, and other related equipment that a school marshal is

authorized to possess, carry, and store on public school property; and

(d) specify requirements regarding the subject matter and frequency of additional professional development and training.

House Final Passage - 3/1/19

Passed 65-34-1