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New York A 6661 - Safe Storage

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LEAP Foreard Position:  Support

LEAP Foreard Position: Support

New York A 6661

Requires gunsmiths and firearms dealers to implement a plan for securing firearms, rifles and shotguns, including those transported in interstate commerce with the following minimum requirements for such security plan

by JoAnne Simon (D)

Last Action: Referred to Codes

3 12-d. Security requirements for gunsmiths and dealers in firearms. Any
4 person licensed as a gunsmith or dealer in firearms shall implement a
5 security plan for securing firearms, rifles and shotguns, including
6 firearms, rifles and shotguns transported in interstate commerce, and
7 shall at all times comply therewith. The plan must satisfy at least the
8 following requirements: (a) all display cases shall be locked at all
9 times except when removing a single firearm, rifle or shotgun to show a
10 customer, and customers shall handle firearms, rifles or shotguns under
11 the direct supervision of an employee; (b) all firearms, rifles and
12 shotguns shall be secured in a locked fireproof safe or vault in the
13 licensed premises or in a similar secured and locked area; and (c) ammu-
14 nition shall be stored and secured separately from the firearms, rifles
15 and shotguns, and out of reach of the customers.