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New York A 7362 - Hearings

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

LEAP Forward Position: Oppose

Bill Summary

3 § 32-b. Gun control legislation; public hearings. After introduction
4 and a minimum of thirty days prior to voting on any bill relating to gun
5 control the senate codes committee and the assembly codes committee
6 jointly or separately shall conduct a minimum of five public hearings on
7 such bills. Such hearings shall be conducted regionally to provide indi-
8 viduals and organizations throughout the state with an opportunity to
9 comment on such bills. The committees shall make every effort to hear
10 all those who wish to present statements at such public hearings. The
11 chairs of the committees jointly or separately shall publish a schedule
12 of hearings. The testimony from such hearings shall be compiled into a
13 report and posted on the assembly’s website and senate’s website for
14 public review. For purposes of this section the term “gun control legis-
15 lation” shall mean any legislation which amends, restricts, or in any
16 other manner changes an individual’s right to own, possess, carry, or
17 fire any pistol, handgun, rifle, shotgun, or other firearm.