Rhode Island Senate Bill 595 - Gun Sale Reporting

Rhode Island S 595


by Sandra Cano (D), Betty Crowley (D), Val Lawson (D), Donna Nesselbush (D), Ana Quezada (D)

Last Action: Introduced, referred to Senate Judiciary  (on 3/14/2019)

11-47-41.1. Firearm dealers – Monthly report to superintendent. 3

(a) Every firearm dealer and every person, business or entity licensed pursuant to § 11- 4 47-39 shall on or before July 10, 2019, and every month thereafter on or before the tenth day, 5 submit in writing or electronically a report to the superintendent of the state police providing 6 information regarding all firearms sold, transferred or delivered in the previous month. 7

(b) The superintendent of the state police shall establish by rules and regulations the 8 content, format, and manner of transmission of the report which shall for each firearm at a 9 minimum include: 10

(1) Name of the firearm manufacturer; 11

(2) Identity of importer for foreign manufactured firearms; 12

(3) The model; 13

(4) Type of action; 14

(5) Caliber or gauge; and 15

(6) Serial number. 16

(c) The report shall include, all firearm transfers recorded in the dealer’s register pursuant 17 to § 11-47-40 and transfers recorded in the dealer’s records to include private party transfers. 18

(d) No report shall contain the name, address or identifying information of the purchaser 19

or transferee. 1

(e) A violation of this section shall be punishable pursuant to § 11-47-26. 2