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Illinois SB 99 - Records

LEAP Forward Position:  Support

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Illinois SB 99


by Julie Morrison (D), Jacqui Collins (D)

Last Action: Senate Committee Amendment No. 2 To Subcommittee on Firearms

(a-5) The Firearm Disposition Record shall contain a statement to be signed by the transferee that the transferee:

(1) is aware of, and will abide by, current law regarding the unlawful transfer of a firearm;

(2) is aware of the penalties for violating the law as it pertains to unlawful transfer of a firearm; and

(3) intends to retain possession of the firearm or firearms until it is determined that the transferor is legally eligible to possess a firearm and has an active Firearm Owners Identification Card, if applicable, or until a new person is chosen to hold the firearm or firearms.