Washington HB 1465 - Pistol Sales and Transfers

Washington HB 1465

Concerning requirements for pistol sales or transfers

by Roger Goodman (D)*Laurie Jinkins (D)Sharon Santos (D)


LEAP Forward Position:  Support

LEAP Forward Position: Support

Modifies the requirements of a firearms dealer regarding the delivery of a pistol to a purchaser

The provision allowing a dealer to transfer a pistol to a purchaser who produces a valid
concealed pistol license is removed. For all pistol transfers, the dealer may not transfer the pistol
to the purchaser until either:
the dealer is notified by the chief of police or sheriff that the purchaser is eligible to possess the firearm and the application is approved; or

ten business days have elapsed since the application was received by the law enforcement
agency. This time period may be extended for up to 30 days when the purchaser’s record
lacks certain disposition information, or up to 60 days if the purchaser has no Washington
driver’s license or identification card, or hasn’t lived in the state for the previous 90 days.