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Pennsylvania HB 326 - No Fly No Buy

Pennsylvania HB 326

by Rep. Perry Warren (D) with Reps. Stephen Kinsey (D), Wendy Ullman (D), Austin Davis (D), Carol Hill-Evans (D), Melissa Shusterman (D), Thomas Murt (R), Mary Isaacson (D), Thomas Caltagirone (D), Joanna McClinton (D), Joseph Ciresi (D), Ed Neilson (D)

LEAP Foward Position: Support

§ 6102. Definitions.

”Terrorist screening database.” A list compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and used by various agencies to consolidate and screen information relating to individuals who are known or suspected as being international terrorists and domestic terrorists.

§ 6105. Persons not to possess, use, manufacture, control, sell or transfer firearms.

(c) Other persons.—In addition to any person who has been convicted of any offense listed under subsection (b), the following persons shall be subject to the prohibition of subsection (a):

(11) A person whose name is included on the terrorist
screening database.