✔ Ohio Senate Bill 223 - Reduce Firearm Lethality

133rd General Assembly

✔ OH SB223

By Cecil Thomas (D), Peggy Lehner (D) with Nickie Antonio (D), Hearcel Craig (D), Teresa Fedor (D), Tina Maharath (D) Vernon Sykes (D), Sandra R. Williams (D), Kenny Yuko (D)

To amend sections 2923.13 and 2923.14 and to enact sections 2923.133 and 2923.191 of the Revised Code to generally prohibit a person from possessing trigger cranks, bump-fire devices, or other items that accelerate a semi-automatic firearm's rate of fire but do not convert it into an automatic firearm and large capacity magazines.

Bill Progress

  1. Introduced

    Bill is introduced or prefiled (on 10/16/2019)

  2. In Committee 👈

    Refer to Committee: Government Oversight and Reform (on 10/23/2019)

  3. Crossed Over

  4. Passed

  5. Signed/Enacted

  6. Dead/Failed/Vetoed

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