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Delaware HB 116 - Weapons Importers

Importers, manufacturers, and dealers of "destructive weapons" are licensed and regulated under Federal law. Under existing Delaware law, importers, manufacturers, and dealers of destructive weapons are not permitted to deliver them to purchasers in Delaware who are otherwise permitted to own such weapons, such as military or police forces. This bill will permit properly licensed importers, manufacturers, and dealers to possess and store destructive weapons in this State and engage in activities associated with the sale and delivery of such weapons to (or from) qualified purchasers.

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Delaware SB 70 - High Capacity Magazines

This Act creates the Delaware Large Capacity Magazine Prohibition Act of 2019. The Act includes clear definitions for the term large-capacity magazine, as an ammunition feeding device with a capacity to accept more than 15 rounds of ammunition. After enactment, possession of large-capacity magazine will be a class B misdemeanor for a first offense and a class E felony for any subsequent offense.

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Delaware SB 69 - Training

This Act creates an application process to obtain a handgun qualified purchaser card, to authorize the purchase of a handgun, or a firearms qualified purchaser card, to authorize the purchase of firearms other than a handgun. This Act then requires licensed importers, manufacturers, or dealers, as well as unlicensed persons, to require an individual to present the individuals handgun qualified purchaser card or firearms qualified purchaser card before selling or transferring a firearm.

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Delaware SB 68 - Assault Weapons Ban

This Act prohibits the manufacture, sale, offer to sell, transfer, purchase, receipt, possession, or transport of assault weapons in Delaware, subject to certain exceptions. One exception relevant to individuals is that the Act does not prohibit the possession and transport of firearms that were lawfully possessed or fully applied for before the effective date of this Act; although for these firearms there are certain restrictions relating to their possession and transport after the effective date of this Act. This Act creates a voluntary certificate of possession, to enable persons who lawfully possess an assault weapon before the effective date of this Act to be able to prove ownership after the effective date of this Act.

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Delaware HB 63 - Safe Storage

This Act revises the crime of "unlawfully permitting a child access to a firearm," an existing class A misdemeanor under Delaware law. The offense is renamed "unsafe storage of a firearm" to place emphasis on firearm safety and proper storage. Under the revised statute, a crime is committed when a person intentionally or recklessly stores or leaves a loaded firearm where a minor or other person prohibited by law, or unauthorized person, can access the firearm, and the unauthorized person obtains the firearm. The unauthorized persons use of the firearm to inflict serious physical injury or death is not an element of the offense, but is an aggravating factor. For the purposes of this offense, stores and leaves does not include when firearm is carried by or under the control of the owner or another lawfully-authorized user.

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