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Nevada AB 255 - Reciprocity

AN ACT relating to concealed firearms; requiring a course in firearm safety to include training in suicide awareness and prevention; authorizing persons who possess permits to carry concealed firearms that were issued by certain other states to continue to carry concealed firearms in this State pursuant to those permits after becoming residents of this State; and providing other matters properly relating thereto

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Illinois HB 274 - Concealed Carry

Amends the Firearm Concealed Carry Act. Provides that a municipality, including a home rule unit, may not revoke, suspend, or refuse to renew a business license or otherwise interfere with a business license issued by the municipality to a business owner, including the holder of a retail liquor license issued under the Liquor Control Act of 1934, because the business owner lawfully permits a concealed carry licensee to carry firearms into his or her business establishment. Effective immediately.

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Virginia HB 1899 - Concealed Handgun Permits; Demonstration of Competence

Concealed handgun permits; demonstration of competence. Removes the option for concealed handgun permit applicants to demonstrate competence with a handgun by completing an electronic, video, or online course conducted by a state-certified or National Rifle Association-certified firearms instructor. The bill does not affect any in-person means of satisfying the requirement to demonstrate competence with a handgun under current law.

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Florida SB 108 - Regulation of Concealed Weapons Licenses

Regulation of Concealed Weapons Licenses; Transferring the concealed weapons licensing program of the Division of Licensing of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to the Department of Law Enforcement by a type two transfer; creating the Concealed Weapons Licensing Program in the Department of Law Enforcement; redesignating the Department of Law Enforcement as the entity responsible for regulating, and collecting payments and fees from, concealed weapons licensing, etc.

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